The Potter

We Are Creators, meaning makers

When this is our mantra

Life is fulfilled

We are creators

meaning makers

we are moved, curious, led by something far yet, deep inside us

if we follow it, listen, act on its guidance

we are led to knowings, we didn’t know we held

we are able to recognize the elements that are calling us to engage

we enter into a co-creative process

our senses responding with delight at what begins to take shape with our presence

we breathe new life into that which is becoming form in our hands. we can FEEL how ancient this process is

we then give new life



to this new expression, creation

even if it’s just to cradle the tip of a flowering herb with such delicate beauty

For the moment it has lived its’ whole life cycle

it is complete

it is beauty and we are grateful for the ancestors that still speak to us through the land

we are honored to be ABLE to respond, to feel joy in it’s ability to be with us. we are proud that we said YES

to b enamoured with it’s beauty, and in awe of the beauty that simplicity, power and consciousness creates

we are fulfilled! and it is so

we live for these moments, however fleeting

we celebrate these moments

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