Witches, Wardrobes & Ethereal Pathways

Witches and Wardrobes. Walking etheral
pathways, unlocking doors never opened before,
communing with whispers quaking through
the changing leaves. Misty mountains, wood
smoke filled air. Cracking roasted pinion and
acorn nuts paired with sparkly brews heavy with
hops. Fall has descended upon us unfolding
a landscape ‘tween the worlds of the senses
and the unseen. The hearth begs for last year’s
evergreen logs to warm early wet cool mornings,
Golden lingering light rays warn of windows of
time closing in for harvesting the last of nature’s
crops to be tucked away for long days of winter
dreaming. Celebrations of a year well lived ,
worked and rewarded become containers for
jovial cheers-ing around every corner. The veil is
thin, the ancestors speak, we wrap in handmade
blankets integrating the stories for telling
around a solstice fire soon to come. Weather
dictates a layering of garments able to take on
the final harvests’ work load while also making
a stylish statement and connecting us to time
honored traditions. Aprons are a “must” , quilts a
necessity, scarves essential. Always, we allow
a little scared space for divinity to come through.

Weaving A Collective

The clouds grew heavy, and the thunder rolled. The sky grew darker and darker as my feet hit the the dirt in rhythmic steps. Hurry, before the heavens unleash, I thought.  But, it felt oh sooo good. The cool air on my sweaty skin. The red clay earthen trail was lined with hues of green …

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The Hunting Grounds

I sit at the top of turtle mountain, looking over this great mesa valley where deer, elk & antelope once roamed by the thousands. The arroyo snaking through the landscape once held seasonal creeks, now only cars slither by on their way to the city. The horses down below stand still and relaxed in the …

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The Potter

We Are Creators, meaning makers When this is our mantra Life is fulfilled We are creators meaning makers we are moved, curious, led by something far yet, deep inside us if we follow it, listen, act on its guidance we are led to knowings, we didn’t know we held we are able to recognize the …

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