Gelato : A Cure for Wanderlust Withdrawal

When cultivating a life of awe and Om, sometimes you don’t even have to leave your own home town. This week my girls were on spring break. Although my wanderlust heart longed to take them on a grand adventure somewhere far away and magical, I am fortunate that I live in a city where others from far away and magical dream of visiting. So with the time given, we embarked on many curious outing. We quickly discovered that simply spending an afternoon walking around in the spring breeze searching for a little local tea shop and ultimately landing somewhere in Italy, or what seemed like Italy, coveting a cup of gelato paired with espresso laughing with each other and enjoying the mystical presence of strangers was enough to feel as if  we ideed dared to venture Far and Away anyway.

I would be bold enough to say  it is your desire and perspective that ultimately creates the experience you wish to have. And if you’re brave enough to seek, to get out there and expose yourself to the physical world around you, and immerse yourself playful curiosity,  it won’t be long before you start to live the vision that was one only in your  mind. Thus is life’s ultimate creative project.

Go Create!

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